Tuesday, February 22, 2011

February 22 2011

Today in music theory class we discussed and learnt another major scale: D major scale which consists of 4 flats: B, E, A and D. After the music class I went to violin instrument class, and we practiced the song My Favourite Things in violin for the solo playing assesment. The song is nice and Ms.Marie put some bowing on the musical sheet so its easier to play the song.

Monday, February 21, 2011

February 21 2011

Today Mr.John told us to do a blog on reflections and what we did for everytime on music. Many people asked questions about blogging, so Mr.John explained carefully on what to do. We also learnt more scales. Today we learnt not onloy sharps again but with flats, so we learnt C, G, D, F, B, and E major scales.

February 15 2011


February 14 2011

Today we had the music history assessment. We had to write an essay that countains around 400 words. It was about the periods of music, like classical, baroque, gothic, etc. It was hard because mr John told us about the assessment on short notice, so he gave us extra time to read th information paper. Ithink I did well.

February 8 2011

Today we learnt about many scales. We learnt the C, G, and D scales. The formula of the scales is 1, 1, half, 1, 1, 1, half. We also learnt about the upper tetrachords and lower tetrachords. Mr.John explained a lot on the scales and know I understand why there are sharps and flats.

February 7 2011

Today mr.John gave us the information sheet of the history of music, like the different periods of when music was evolving over the time. After we read it we had the instrument time. Ms.Marie taught us that when we play we must relax the shoulders and hands so it's flexible. We also must make the wrists relaxed so its easier to play.

February 1 2011

Today the whole grade 7 was in Dufan, so we did not have music class today.

january 31 2011

Today Mr. John gave us the score for our assessments, and I got a 7 out of a 10. I made the reflection, but I wanted a better score so me and some other students took a retest. I tried singing again, and I got an 8.

January 25 2011

Today we had the singing assessment of my favoutie things. I tried singing well when mr.John was marking my score. I sang with the piano playing so I could sing with the beat and song, and I think I did well because I tried hard.

January 24 2011

On this day I was in Singapore extending a permenent recidence with my family, but I asked my friends what they did today. They said that their sang the song my favourite things and practiced, so when I got home I researched the lyrics and practiced at home.

January 18 2010

On this day we discussed the music class' rules, like we have to bring the journal, music book, instrument, music folder and pencil case everytime you go to music class. We also discussed the school vision: "a world class community of proud and outstanding achievers." We also discussed what it means. I think it means we have to be punctual, neat and organized.

January 17 2011

Today is the first day of music in grade 7. This is in term 3 because in the first 2 terms we had arts, and now it is replaces by music. On this day we just choose the instruments. Our music theory teacher was mr.John, and he divided the white board into 4 sections: Violin, piano, flute and guitar. I picked violin for my musical instrument like last year. The teacher teaching our class violin is Ms.Marie.