Monday, November 16, 2009

November 12 2009

Today, we only had theory. In theory, we reviewed the chords and scales. It's kind of difficult memorizing the flat scales for me. People like Angky and Sunaina was tested and taught again about the chords and scales because they did not know them.

November 11 2009

Today, the people who did not do well in their assesment, was allowed by Mr.Sadrakh to play their song again. Many people played again, but I did not. After everybody played their song (better than the last time, of course), with their instruments. We had to do an assesment about many things, like the Chinese song 'Silver Moon Boat' and 'Gundul Pacul'. Mr.Sadrakh said that we had to fill in the whole reflection pages.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Novenber 5 2009

Today, we had an assesment to play our instrument. The song we had to play was our 16 bars pentatonic scale. My song was called 'Animal' song. The violin students was the 1st, and I was the 2nd person to play violin after Edward. I think I played well and nice, but I think I can play a bit better and I could be more confident. The 2nd is piano, and everybody played well. I think Joshua have to practice more, because his song is not stable (the melody). After that the guitar played. Some students did not practice, because they could not play their song. the last instrument was the flute. Only 3 people play the flute, which are Alex, Amatta and Sunaina. I think that flute is the hardest instrument to play because you need lots of enery to blow in the head of the flute.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

November 4 2009

Today, Mr.sadrakh asked 2 students to write pentatonic scale no.1 and 2 on the white-board to make sure we still remembered the pentatonic scales. After that, we revised the chords again. For some students, chords are hard to memorize but for me, it is really easy. Then Mr.Sadrakh taught us the major scale 3 sharps and 2 flats. Then, Mr erased it in the board nd tested us by giving us a quiz. I forgot the 2nd flat in major scale. After we finished, Mr.Sadrakh gave us homework to copy our s final song and write it in a worksheet he gave us.

October 29 2009

Today, I did not start writing the song in 'Finale 2009'. It was because my mother was in America (and still is) and she brought the 'Windows' laptop, so I could only use the 'Mac' laptop. Unfortunately, the Finale 2009 that Mr.Al downloaded into my USB doesn't workbecause it could not work if you are using Mac. I even tried downloading it in the Internet myself, but it took so long just to open the file in the webpage. So, I just spent my theory time on writing my song in Finale (with other students).