Monday, November 16, 2009

November 12 2009

Today, we only had theory. In theory, we reviewed the chords and scales. It's kind of difficult memorizing the flat scales for me. People like Angky and Sunaina was tested and taught again about the chords and scales because they did not know them.

November 11 2009

Today, the people who did not do well in their assesment, was allowed by Mr.Sadrakh to play their song again. Many people played again, but I did not. After everybody played their song (better than the last time, of course), with their instruments. We had to do an assesment about many things, like the Chinese song 'Silver Moon Boat' and 'Gundul Pacul'. Mr.Sadrakh said that we had to fill in the whole reflection pages.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Novenber 5 2009

Today, we had an assesment to play our instrument. The song we had to play was our 16 bars pentatonic scale. My song was called 'Animal' song. The violin students was the 1st, and I was the 2nd person to play violin after Edward. I think I played well and nice, but I think I can play a bit better and I could be more confident. The 2nd is piano, and everybody played well. I think Joshua have to practice more, because his song is not stable (the melody). After that the guitar played. Some students did not practice, because they could not play their song. the last instrument was the flute. Only 3 people play the flute, which are Alex, Amatta and Sunaina. I think that flute is the hardest instrument to play because you need lots of enery to blow in the head of the flute.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

November 4 2009

Today, Mr.sadrakh asked 2 students to write pentatonic scale no.1 and 2 on the white-board to make sure we still remembered the pentatonic scales. After that, we revised the chords again. For some students, chords are hard to memorize but for me, it is really easy. Then Mr.Sadrakh taught us the major scale 3 sharps and 2 flats. Then, Mr erased it in the board nd tested us by giving us a quiz. I forgot the 2nd flat in major scale. After we finished, Mr.Sadrakh gave us homework to copy our s final song and write it in a worksheet he gave us.

October 29 2009

Today, I did not start writing the song in 'Finale 2009'. It was because my mother was in America (and still is) and she brought the 'Windows' laptop, so I could only use the 'Mac' laptop. Unfortunately, the Finale 2009 that Mr.Al downloaded into my USB doesn't workbecause it could not work if you are using Mac. I even tried downloading it in the Internet myself, but it took so long just to open the file in the webpage. So, I just spent my theory time on writing my song in Finale (with other students).

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

October 28 2009

Today, some of us couldn't install the software 'Finale' (although the due date is tomorrow)so we gave our USB to Mr.Al so he could install it for us. Since Shania got chicken-pox and could not come to school for around 1 week, she did not know about Finale. Mr.Sadrakh explained to her and to us to refresh our memory and make sure we understood it. We also filled a worksheet about the Indonesia song 'Gundul Pacul'. After I wrote the reflection, name, date and instructor, I gave it to Mr.Sadrakh and went to instrument class, But we did not play any violin because there isn't much time.

Monday, October 26, 2009

October 22 2009

Today, we submitted our homework. It was to make the lyrics for our song. I did not know what to name my song, so I named it 'Animal Song'. Then we copied our lyrics in the paper which we copied from the new scale Mr.Sadrakh changed for us last week. After we did that we learnt how to install the 'Finale 2009' to make a song.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

October 21 2009

Today, at theory, we recieved our music book from mr.Sadrakh. He changed our homework (the 16 bars pentatonis scale) to a different scale because it is easier to play for some people, but Angky did not do his homework (again) because he was in Germany for around 2 weeks when schhol starts. After that we did a reflection on making the 16 bars pentatonis scale, and we copied the new scale. When all of us were done, we sang the Chinese song 'Xiao Yin Chuan' again, but this time in mandarin. Everybody was paired up and I was the last one with Jonathan. When theory finished, we only had little time (around 15 minutes) for instrument time.

Monday, October 19, 2009

October 15 2009

Today, we learnt a Chinese song (named 'Xiao Yin Chuan' or, in English, 'Silver Moon Boat'), but we sang it in English (the translation). We also learnt Gundul Pacul. Some people that already knows the song had to sing it for an example, but I haven't heard of that song.

October 14 2009

Today, in music class, we submitted the pentatonic scale homework (the one that is 16 bars and you could choose if you would like to use pentatonic scale number 1 or 2). I chose pentatonic scale number 2 because for me, it is easier. Some of us forgot to write the chords, and I was one of them. So we finished it and some people that did not understand asked Mr.Sadrakh for help but I already understood.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

October 8 2009

Today was the second music class in Term 2 (The first was yesterday). At the beggining of theory class, everybody submitted their homework (the song we made from pentatonic scale no.1) in our music book. But I left my music book at home because when I finished my homework at home, I forgot to put in my bag for school, so I will submit it tomorrow.
After we submitted our music books, we revised pentatonic scale 1 by memorizing the notes. It was: C, D, E, G and A. Then we learnt about the chords. There are 7 chords. Then we revised pentatonic scale no.2. It was:C, E, F, G and B. Then Mr.Harry gave us a homework to make 16 bars from any of the 2 pentatonic scales. In instrument time, we had little time again so I did not play violin.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

October 7 2009

Today was the first music class in Term 2. In theory, we learnt 2 patratonic scales and got a homework. It was to make a song from the pentatonic scale. We had to make 2 lines (8 bars) for the song. In our instrument time, We did not have a lot of time, so only few students played the violin.

Monday, October 5, 2009

September 10 2009

Today we did not do that much. We just submitted our homework to Mr.Sadrakh. Then we had another homework. It was to make the 4th scale but actually, I did it in theory time!!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

September 9 2009

Today, Mr.Sadrakh told us our scores for our assesment. My score was 95 out of 100. We also learnt that the "C" scale is also called the natural scale. Mr. Sadrakh also gave us questions to write and answer in our music book. We also had a homework in our music book. We also had to find the development workbook in our student desk, answer it, and send it to Mr.Sadrakh's and Mr.Hary's account in

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

September 3 2009

This time everyone did an assesment one by one in front of the others. At first the violin played, then the guitar, than the flute, then the piano. I played the last in violin. I played no.17, Gavotte again and I only made a little mistake because I was kind of nervous. After the assesment, Mr.Harry's brother came to school to played the trumpet. When I looked at him, he looked like Mr.Harry!!!

September 2 2009

Today the students gave the book of the power point presentation that they made, but me and some other students inly stapled it instead of making the better one with duck tape and bufalo paper..... So after I submitted it after school that same day.

August 27 2009

Today we only had theory time again because the other groups had to preset it again. So, I only watched other groups perform this time.

August 26 2009

Today, me, Edward and Kevin , Devina and Vienna presented our power point presentation. Ours was about Sundanese musical instruments. We presented and explained about the angklung, kecapi, and gamelan. Some other groups also presented but some other groups did not finish it so Mr. Sadrakh gave them a chance to do it again next time. Since it took a long time, we only managed to have theory time. My power point presentation score is 8 and the group's score is 7.5.

August 20 2009

In the second time in music, we sang the song O I Nani Keke again and learnt a new song which is Apuse. In instrument time, I played no.17, Gavotte, again because I can't find Suzuki Violin Book No. 2.

August 19 2009

Today was the first day of music, so we picked our musical instruments. This time, there are violin, piano, flute, and guitar. I chose violin. I convinced Edward to join violin because there is no vocal class anymore. The other new students were Vienna and Devina . The old students were Jonathan, Kevin, Angky, Jenifer, and me. In theory class, after we chose our instruments, we learnt the song:O I Nani Keke.