Thursday, October 8, 2009

October 8 2009

Today was the second music class in Term 2 (The first was yesterday). At the beggining of theory class, everybody submitted their homework (the song we made from pentatonic scale no.1) in our music book. But I left my music book at home because when I finished my homework at home, I forgot to put in my bag for school, so I will submit it tomorrow.
After we submitted our music books, we revised pentatonic scale 1 by memorizing the notes. It was: C, D, E, G and A. Then we learnt about the chords. There are 7 chords. Then we revised pentatonic scale no.2. It was:C, E, F, G and B. Then Mr.Harry gave us a homework to make 16 bars from any of the 2 pentatonic scales. In instrument time, we had little time again so I did not play violin.

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