Monday, November 9, 2009

Novenber 5 2009

Today, we had an assesment to play our instrument. The song we had to play was our 16 bars pentatonic scale. My song was called 'Animal' song. The violin students was the 1st, and I was the 2nd person to play violin after Edward. I think I played well and nice, but I think I can play a bit better and I could be more confident. The 2nd is piano, and everybody played well. I think Joshua have to practice more, because his song is not stable (the melody). After that the guitar played. Some students did not practice, because they could not play their song. the last instrument was the flute. Only 3 people play the flute, which are Alex, Amatta and Sunaina. I think that flute is the hardest instrument to play because you need lots of enery to blow in the head of the flute.

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